We live in a pre-Connection Age. At one side we have Screens, Social Networks and Virtual Realities. They bring a lot of Connection to our daily lives, but they also might bring some challenges to other forms of Connection. 

To make more sense in this technological matrix that we live, it’s crucial to cultivate the other side of Connection, the Inner-Connection. Be it through meditation, self-awareness or doing fulfilling activities, the Inner-Connection reveal the holographic nature of our universe, where every single part contains the whole, where everything and everyone is connected. 

That’s where we get in tune with our intuition, opening the doors to infinite sources of information and ideas. When we cultivate inner states of harmony, our intuition get stronger and our experiences in life become richer.  

When we’re successful in nicely mixing the outside Connection of Technology with the Inner-Connection of the Intuition, that’s when the real Connection Age will be born. 

“Connection” is my genesis crypto art piece and a mix of Digital Paint + 3D + Motion Graphics + Music Production, as a result of over 20 years of explorations in diverse digital creation formats. 

“Connection” is also the name of the song, it’s the 1st of 3 songs from the EP “Inner Journey” by Joaquim Mutim. The EP will be available in streaming platforms at Jan/2021.

Infinite Loop of Music and Visuals. Duration of 27 seconds at 1920px to 1080px.